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RF Wireless Module Transmission Mode : Microwave Twisted-Pair

Microwave transmission

It is one of the solutions to several kilometers or even dozens of kilometers of difficult wiring location monitoring transmission. By means of RXB22 frequency modulation or amplitude modulation, the image is carried on the high frequency carrier and converted into high frequency electromagnetic wave in the air transmission. Its advantages are: low comprehensive cost, more stable performance, save wiring and cable maintenance costs; Dynamic real-time transmission of broadcast grade images, image transmission clarity is good, and completely real-time; Flexible networking, good expansibility, plug and play; Low maintenance costs. Its disadvantages are: due to the use of microwave transmission, frequency band above 1GHz, commonly used L band (1.0 ~ 2.0GHz), S band (2.0 ~ 3.0GHz), Ku band (10 ~ 12GHz), the transmission environment is open space, if used in big cities, radio waves are more complex, relatively easy to be affected by external electromagnetic interference; Microwave signal for linear transmission, the middle can not have mountains, buildings block; If there are obstacles, it is necessary to add relay to solve them. Ku band is seriously affected by weather, especially in rain and snow weather, there will be more serious rain decline phenomenon. However, there are also digital microwave video transmission products, RXB22 anti-interference ability and scalability are improved a lot.

Twisted pair transmission

It is also a kind of video baseband transmission, which converts the unbalanced mode of 75Ω into balanced mode to transmit. It is a good solution to solve the problem of monitoring image transmission within 1Km, the electromagnetic environment is relatively complex and the occasion is better, and the monitoring image signal processing is transmitted through the balanced and symmetrical way. Its advantages are: simple wiring, low cost, anti - common mold dry worry performance. Its disadvantages are: it can only solve the monitoring image transmission within 1Km, and a twisted-pair cable can only transmit the image all the way, which is not suitable for large and medium-sized monitoring; Twisted pair is weak in texture and has poor anti-aging ability, which is not suitable for field transmission. Twisted pair transmission high frequency component attenuation is large, the image color will suffer a great loss.