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RF Wireless Module Advantage

Wireless data transmission module RXB10 to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission mode has the following advantages over other ways,

The cost of cheap

The establishment of wired communication must set up cable, or dig cable trench, so it needs a lot of manpower and material resources; However, it is not necessary to set up cables or excavate cable ditches to set up special wireless data transmission mode with wireless data transmission stations. It is only necessary to connect wireless data transmission stations and set up antennas of appropriate height at each terminal. In contrast, using wireless data transmission module to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission mode, save manpower and material resources, investment is quite saving. Of course, in some short-range data communication systems, wireless communication is not cheaper than wired communication, but sometimes it is difficult to wire in the actual field environment, so customers will choose wireless communication according to the needs of the field environment.

The construction period is short

Within a few kilometers to tens of kilometers distance when it comes to the remote site connection communication each other, with the method of cable, must set up a long cable long in cable trench, or mining may need several months the project cycle time, and with digital module build special-purpose wireless data transmission way, only need to set up appropriate height of antenna, In contrast to the days or weeks it takes to build a communication link, the wireless method can quickly set up a communication link.

Good adaptability

Limitations of wired communication is too large, in case of some special applications, such as mountains, lakes, forests and other special geographical environment and the application of moving object, such as wiring difficult environment, to the wired network wiring project has extremely strong further, wireless data transmission module and establishing special will not be restricted by the wireless data transmission way, Therefore, using wireless data transmission module to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission mode will have better and wider adaptability than wired communication, almost free from geographical environment restrictions.

Good scalability

After users set up a communication network, often because of the system needs to add new equipment. If adopt the way of the cable, need to wiring, construction more troublesome, but also could undermine the original communications lines, but if the special set up by adopting the wireless digital radio wireless data transmission way, just put the new devices connected to RXB10 wireless digital radio can realize the system expansion, in contrast with better extensibility.