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433.92MHz RF Module Applications in Smart Home

Lighting control

The radiofrequency light control system consists of intelligent panel switches and dimmers used to send and receive command signals that are transmitted over the radio rather than through the home's power lines. Each panel switch is equipped with a different remote identification code. These codes use 19-bit recognition technology to enable the receiver to accurately identify each instruction. Even if the neighbors use at the same time, there is absolutely no transmission error due to the interference of their remote control.

Wireless smart socket

Wireless intelligent socket series mainly through RXB9 radio frequency technology to achieve the non-remote control electrical appliances (such as water heaters, fans, etc.) power remote control, not only for these appliances to increase the function of wireless remote control, but also maximize energy saving, ensure safety.

Information home appliance control

Information home appliance control is a multi-function remote control system which integrates infrared control and wireless control. It can control up to five kinds of infrared devices (such as: TV, air conditioning, DVD, power amplifier, curtain, etc.) and switches, sockets and other wireless devices. The information home appliance controller can save the code of the remote control of ordinary infrared appliances by learning, so as to replace the original remote control of home appliances. At the same time, it is also a wireless RXB9 remote control, which can transmit the control signal of 433.92MHz frequency, so it can control the intelligent switch, intelligent socket and wireless infrared repeater of this frequency band.